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Hello and welcome,

My name is Marcela Arias, the proud founder of iClean Services. My journey began in 2015 as a small, one-person operation based in West Auckland. Over the years, I have witnessed the transformative power of a clean and organised space, and I understand that maintaining such an environment can be a challenge, especially in our fast-paced lives. This realisation led me to create iClean Services, a company that is dedicated to providing top-notch cleaning solutions that not only enhance the beauty of your space but also positively impact your quality of life.

At iClean Services, our mission is simple: to deliver impeccable cleaning services that exceed our clients’ expectations. We believe that a clean environment is the foundation for a productive and healthy life. Hence, our services are designed to give you more time to focus on what truly matters – be it pursuing your passion, spending quality time with your loved ones, or growing your business.

Our team consists of professional cleaners who are committed to delivering excellence. They are rigorously trained to pay attention to every detail and treat your home or business premises with utmost respect. We use specially formulated cleaning products and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver a thorough clean, without compromising the safety of your environment.

Our cleaning solutions are not just about cleanliness, but they are also about providing peace of mind. We are fully insured, and we ensure that our staff adhere to the highest safety standards. Plus, our flexible scheduling ensures we can provide our services at a time that suits you best.

As we continue to grow and serve more clients, we remain committed to the core values that have guided us from the beginning: customer satisfaction, integrity, and excellence. We are always looking for ways to improve and innovate, and we appreciate your trust in us to take care of your cleaning needs.

Thank you for considering iClean Services. I look forward to helping you create a clean, comfortable, and inviting space that you’ll love.

Warm Regards,
Marcela Arias
Founder, iClean Services

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